We are having some seriously crazy weather here. Mini tornados, flooding, gale force winds. Some of it is just plain scary.
It was just rainy and dreary Saturday morning when we decided to head down the coast to visit Todd’s parents before his mum goes away for 3 weeks. We were going to head back today (Sunday) before lunchtime.
The weather really took off and went crazy. They warned people to stay off the roads so we took that advice. Driving 1 1/2 hours in that craziness did not sound good to us.
The weather is just as bad where we live, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for no flooding or nasty surprises when we get home. Hopefully tomorrow morning.
Then I can get back to my computer and do a proper blog post. Posting from my phone is a bit of a pain!
In the meantime I will leave you with a picture of the bump. In all it’s 36 week glory. Don’t you just love the lace and pink stripes on my new tee. Thanks target!

Weather... Weather...