This week has been a funny one, my thoughts, feelings and emotions have been a little all over the place. Plus some morning sickness seems to have reared its ugly head again. I mean come on I am basically 35 weeks, give me a break on that one.
Then other days I have been full of energy, cleaning, organising, re-arranging, and making things like crazy until about 2pm when I crash big-time. Then I get a second wind after 8pm. Odd, yes. But I am rolling with it.
I had another Glucose Tolerance Test (for Gestational Diabetes) this week as my result from my last one was high. Lets face it I have it people, why make me suffer through that horrible drink and 3 blood tests again. I was borderline with Mia, and confirmed with Ryan. I just seem to be one of the lucky ones. I am trying not to worry too much about it, just doing the diet control regardless, and of course all I can think about all day is sweet treats. Once this little man is out, I am having a huge cupcake that’s for sure.
I have worked my butt off getting my blogging / sewing / crafting space into order. It was a hot mess under the stairs, and now it’s starting to look really great. I am enjoying sewing and blogging from there. There are a few more goodies to go there yet, but it’s turning into such a creative space. Who would have thought?!
I edited some photo’s that Todd and I took by the beach when we were on Christmas holiday. Some of them turned out so great. The few little tips and tricks I put into practice paid off in the quality of the photos. It has made me even more determined to learn more about how to really use my camera.
I’ve been doing my groceries somewhere different (Aldi instead of Coles) ever since my sister was raving on about how much money you can save. I’ve been resisting forever, cos the layout and non-packing of the bags thing is a little chaotic for my mind. But I’ve gotta say I have been saving a bundle since going there. Coming in under budget each week and coming away with a huge trolley full. Plus they have super cheap flowers. I mean $4 for a little colourful cheer, what could possibly be wrong with that!
Mia heads back to school in just over a week. Into grade 2. My mumma heart hurts when I think about how quickly she is growing up. I still see my little baby when I look at her. We needed to get some supplies for the new year and she is into taking her time and picking out what she likes. With Ryan tagging along that never happens, the boy has zero attention span. So last night the boys stayed home and we hit the shops. First stop was actually spotlight for fabric and crafting supplies, I have been aching to get there for the last couple of weeks but haven’t had the chance. Mia likes coming along and helping me choose things. Then we headed and got a tonne of school supplies. We stopped for coffee and hot chocolate. We picked up goodies for my hospital bag. And even got a cot mattress for baby C. She was so excited to be staying out past her bedtime at the shops. So sweet that something so simple could bring her so much joy.
Today I got a heap done in Baby C’s nursery. I washed all of his things. His cot is all made and ready. I made a change-mat cover with another reading to be sewn. I have planned out his play-mat and the curtains/drapes. Can’t wait to do more sewing and get it all finished. Todd is taking us to go and get the rest of the things we need on Sunday afternoon. I am seriously so excited! It feels great to be getting things ready.
It’s late Friday night here, so this girl is headed to bed. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Lately I have been pretty much wearing the same uniform day in day out. Some super comfy cheesecloth beach pants and a tank top, with my hair piled up on top of my head. Make up free and far from glamorous, but very comfy that’s for sure. It has been crazy hot, so that has been my excuse. Yesterday was a break in the weather. It was cooler, with a beautiful breeze that came right through the house. It felt wonderful. So I decided it would be a good day to actually get dressed, do my hair and make-up.
Plus it might be nice for Todd to see his wife looking remotely civilised again, after-all who knows when the next time will be!
Jeans: Roxy (old), Undershirt: Target, Button up: Target, Cardi: Valley Girl, Wedges: Target (old), Necklace: Diva
A quick little side note, thank you to all you lovely people who sent me sweet notes after my last post. I really appreciated knowing I’m not the only one who has been there. Thank you!


I love stripes. They make me happy. And usually I would avoid a dress like this with blocks of stripes, but I kinda love how the stripes accentuate the bump.
Dress: Kmart, Sandals: Big W, Earrings: Diva, Watch: Elite, Bracelets: Pandora
Yet front on it also helps disguise it a little. I don’t know about you but I much prefer when my outfit can make me look like my usual self from the front and back and bam, side on, you can’t miss it.
Yup, you definitely can’t miss this baby anymore. For the record I am 28 weeks. Can we all just acknowledge how crazy it is that i only have 3 months left. This has gone by far too fast. I want it to slow down just a little.
Plus it is super stretchy and light. Talk about perfection on these super hot pre-summer days.
In case you were wondering why my smile is so big. My girl was taking the photos for me and my little man was desperately trying to get in on the action.
It didn’t take long before he succeeded. My cute little photo bomber. I can’t wait to have another crazy little man just like him. Talk about one blessed Mama.
PS. please excuse these dark photos an afternoon thunderstorm came by and totally destroyed the light, but I really wanted to share my outfit still!

My Boys…

Gosh how I love them. The little one is so crazy, smart, funny and full of boundless energy. He is just so much fun to spend everyday with. He’s going to be going to pre-school two days a week next year and I am already thinking about how much I am going to miss him. Todd keeps reminding me that I will have another little one to keep me busy early in the new year, but still, it just makes me sad how quickly he is growing up. Don’t even get me started on my girl, I tend to well up when I think about the fact that she is going into grade 2 next year. Yikes. I still see my little babies when I look at them.
My two boys together. It makes me so happy. They are similar in so many ways, but Ryan is way way louder in public. Todd is on the quiet side when we are with other people, but at home, just us or with the kids, he is loud, crazy, funny, smart and so much fun. Makes me feel so privileged to get to see that side of him. It’s just another thing that makes me love him.
He is such an amazing Dad. You can see and feel the love he has for our babies and that is such a wonderful thing. I can’t wait to bring another little boy into the world with this man. I feel so incredibly blessed. He is good to me in so many ways, but without a doubt its the little things that mean the most. Like when he hunts out every single item of make up on a very long list I gave him on his own at the Clinique counter because there is no-one working when he goes there. Or when he looks for and finds the exact fabric I am searching for at Spotlight when I can’t find it after searching for ages. Or the fact the he always supports and encourages me, no matter how crazy my idea. He rocks, and I am so proud to be raisng babies with him.

This Boy Is Getting Big…

You know how sometimes you are feeling really good, and then you look at photos of yourself and you wonder whoa, when did I get so huge. Yah, that happened to me this week.
Shorts: Target, Top: Rip Curl, Belt: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Target, Watch: Elite, Bracelets: Pandora, Necklace: Kmart



It’s a strange thing seeing pictures of yourself when your pregnant and being amazed at the size of your belly. No wonder I am getting tired easy when walking around all day. This baby is starting to get heavy. And given that my babies tend to be on the larger side (both over 4kg or 9lbs) the strain is just going to get bigger.
Aside from the heaviness I am feeling, I feel great. Plenty of energy and motivation. I really do love this part of pregnancy. Little mr is on the move all.the.time and it’s crazy to watch but such an amazing feeling.
I know I will miss it again once he is born.

Happy Halloween…

Our Halloween was pretty simple.
It started with dress ups at Kindy. Just look at the excitement on Batman’s face.
And the kids came home to a little afternoon tea party.
Fresh fruit to dip in orange goo (vanilla yoghurt with a little food colouring)
cheese, chips and carrot stick
Orange iced donuts with spider lollies on top, and little jack-o-lantern themed jelly cups
yummy fruit punch. melon eyeballs, orange slices, blueberries and round ice for a bit of fun
Super cute accesories. What’s not to love.
Just before we headed out Trick or Treating, super excited. They got a tonne of goodies and had so much fun. A few houses near us went all out and were decorated so well. Something you don’t see a lot here so it was a real treat. And for the houses that had no treats to hand out, Ryan would yell that’s okay, Happy Halloween night to them. Top of his lungs with a huge grin on his face. So precious.
We had so many lollies to hand out, this bucket is actually really deep and we were basically left with a handful. So many sweet happy kids came around. It was wonderful and they were all so polite! My two loved handing out the lollies just as much as collecting their own. It was wonderful!
In the end we put this sign on the door,
and called it a night.
I hope your Halloween was amazing and I can’t wait to see all the post!

Easy PJ Shorts Tutorial…

If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen that I have been sewing some new pj shorts for my kiddos.
Its the perfect quick project and great for those half metre pieces of fabric that you have laying around. If you are anything like me there will be lots!
Plus they make your child this happy! Oh so crazy cute.
First things first, find some cute fabric. Getting your kiddo to choose always helps.
This is how easy it is. Grab a pair of pj shorts that your child already has and fold in half (like below) and use that as a guide for cutting two pieces of fabric. Each piece is actually a large piece that is folded at the long side., so you have a front and back of the leg without the extra work.
You end up with two matching pieces. Fold the pieces so that the wrong side is now facing out.
Here’s a good time to pause for some iced coffee,
And to admire the super cute pumpkin candle smiling at you while you sew.
Sew together the short seam of the folded pieces of fabric. This will be the inner leg seam. To make the seam strong for my wriggly worms, I do a double row of straight stitch then a zig zag row.
Turn under the leg cuff 1/4 inch and press
Then turn under another half inch and press.
Now stitch up the cuff. I like to do two rows of straight stitch for this.
You now have two leg pieces that need to be joined to form shorts. To do this turn one piece right side out and insert into into the other leg piece.
Like so.
Turn the leg pieces so that the V (crotch section) is facing the front and pin the two layers together. Now the time to double check that the two right sides of the fabric are the ones that you have pinned together. Trust me it always pays to double check.
Stitch the pieces together. Again to reinforce I sew two rows of straight stitch and one of zig zag. This is entirely up to you.
Pull out the inner leg so that you can see the short shape. Leave them inside out still and press down a 1/4 inch fold around the waist.
Then turn under a further 3/4 inch, press and pin.
Sew two rows of straight stitch around the waist leaving a 1/2 inch opening to thread the elastic.
Measure the elastic around your childs waist. Pull firmly but not tight and allow an extra two inches for the overlap. Then thread (use a safety pin attached to one end of the elastic to make it easier). Pull through and overlap the ends an inch. then stitch the overlap. Give it a really good going over. Back and forth zig zag quite a few times.
Pull the sewn up elastic into the casing and stitch up the closure. Match the two rows already stitch so it stays nice and neat.
And you are done.
And you have one very happy little pj wearer.


The reality of parenting when your husband is working away for an extended period of time.
It’s something I don’t really touch on too often. Not to keep up any kind of false pretenses but really to protect myself. If I tend to think on it too much, it makes things a whole lot tougher to deal with than they already are.
There are no two ways about it, it’s a tough gig. You start a family and you create a life together, there is a certain way that it runs. Then you take a pretty big piece of the puzzle away and nothing seems to fit together right.
It gets hard. Some days and nights have been much worse than others, and have ended with me sitting on the floor in the hallway outside the kids bedrooms sobbing my heart out in complete and utter frustruation. Or there are the days where for no apparent reason I am missing Todd more, well you can guarantee those are the days that the kids decided to mount either a joint strike against me or turn into opposition forces with me trying to be peacekeeper. It can be lonely, damn lonely. Even when you are with other people, they aren’t your mate, your partner in crime, your love.
Some days I shout, yell and want to scream at the top of my lungs. Other days I want to simply crawl under the covers and bawl my eyes out. Some days I wish I could trade places with him and be off experiencing the world, not stuck at home raising the kids, with the mundane chores and routine.
Mia and Ryan have been so good really, when you take into account how much they are missing their Daddy. Mia has been wonderful, she always tells me she doesn’t want to cry and get upset because she  doesn’t want to upset me or Ryan. She remembers from when we were apart last time that eventually it ends and we get back to being our family unit. Ryan doesn’t remember. He was only two when Todd was away for training, so this time round has been very confusing for him. He seems most concerned that he’s not coming back. It’s heartbreaking. Add to that the fact that he has no real concept of time and it can be a bit volatile. But he is trying his best.
Skype truly is a marvel, talking on the phone is one thing. For the kids (and me too) being able to see his face everyday makes it so much easier. Okay sometimes it makes me miss him more because I can see and hear him but can’t touch him. But thats a trade off I’m willing to make.
When we were living apart for close to a year when Todd was training, it was the toughest and hardest time ever for me. It has actually turned out to be a good thing, because it has made this time around so much easier to handle. I know what I am capable of. I know that the time will pass and before I know it he will be back home and we will have slipped into out regular lives again. I know that it is only temporary.
And it has taught me not to ring Todd in a crazy mess upset and crying. It does no good for either of us. It just makes things harder and causes more tension and frustration  I know that Todd finds it hard enough being away from me, his two babies and our growing new little man, without having to be worried that I’m not coping or am a right hot mess.
I have made a point not to cry on Skype or on the phone. I skim over the bad days, just simply say it was a bad day or the kids played up. I don’t go into details or say that I cried in the shower because my heart aches for him.
Why am I sharing all of this now?
Because he is going to be home in under two weeks. And I feel like the weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I know that the hardest part is over and that the rest is the excitement and planning for his homecoming. And because I have now shared all of this with Todd.
He reads my blog and if I had shared it any sooner I know it probably would have played on his mind and the last thing in the world I have wanted to do is taint his time. Because while he is working darn hard he is also experiencing life, and he worked so so hard to earn this opportunity. He deserves to be able to make the most of it.
After all we have a lifetime to experience everything else together.

How Was Your Week…

Let me make you a nice hot mocha and let’s catch up on all the happenings of the last week.
Another week that has flown by. Yet it didn’t if you know what I mean. I am having serious sleep issues right now. Wide awake until 1am or later then struggling to get up and going in the morning. All I can put it down to is nervous excitement. I am counting down these next 14 days until Todd gets home bigtime. I want him to be home already, and I tick each day off on my calendar as it passes. I think I am wanting to get to each next day so much that I work myself up with excitement. Does that make sense? Probably not, but that’s what this sleep deprivation is doing to me.
Whatever the reason, I am so glad that my serious dislike that I had for coffee in the beginning of this pregnancy has passed. Without that morning cup, not sure I would function.
Speaking of coffee, Todd is going to bring me home these lovelies.
You can’t get them here and I am dying to try them. I love getting a peppermint mocha around Christmas  and making it at home is a much cheaper option that the $5+ they charge at coffee shops. And I so want to try some pumpkin spice.
I found a great quote floating around Facebook this week. I totally speaks to my heart and where I am in life right now.
Today is my Father-in-laws birthday so we went to stay with them for the weekend to celebrate. We made him a chocolate mudcake and got him his favourite book. The kids loved spending the day with him. Hope he had a great day too. How could you not when the day started with waffles and coffee.
Even though our beach weekend was spoilt by yucky weather. I still enjoyed it. And the kids enjoyed the extra snuggle time under the blankets and even slept in. That never happens. It rocked.
My sweet boy begged me to buy this cute pumpkin candle from the supermarket. He was so excited about it, I just couldn’t say no. He can’t wait to I ‘turn it on’!
And finally I will leave you with this. My gorgeous Todd (he’s the ghost-buster in the back) all dressed up to go to a Halloween party with some mates. It’s not that big here in Australia, so they are getting into the spirit. Makes me smile seeing him doing and trying new things. And seeing him smile.
Have I mentioned he comes home in 14 sleeps?
Can’t wait.


On June 1st, Todd graduated from his training course after a very long 18 months of crazy hard work. And I couldn’t be more proud. His course is a tough one and he came through it with flying colours. All those late nights and early mornings (I’m talking bed around midnight or 1 am and up at 4am) where you were studying like crazy certainly paid off.
You are amazing and I am so proud of all that you have achieved.
Todd: RAAF service dress! Me: wrap dress – Big W, Slip – Myer, Wedges – Big W, last winter.
Now we are heading to your posting location for the next chapter in this adventure. And I am so glad to be on this journey with you.