This Boy Is Getting Big…

You know how sometimes you are feeling really good, and then you look at photos of yourself and you wonder whoa, when did I get so huge. Yah, that happened to me this week.
Shorts: Target, Top: Rip Curl, Belt: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Target, Watch: Elite, Bracelets: Pandora, Necklace: Kmart



It’s a strange thing seeing pictures of yourself when your pregnant and being amazed at the size of your belly. No wonder I am getting tired easy when walking around all day. This baby is starting to get heavy. And given that my babies tend to be on the larger side (both over 4kg or 9lbs) the strain is just going to get bigger.
Aside from the heaviness I am feeling, I feel great. Plenty of energy and motivation. I really do love this part of pregnancy. Little mr is on the move all.the.time and it’s crazy to watch but such an amazing feeling.
I know I will miss it again once he is born.