I love stripes. They make me happy. And usually I would avoid a dress like this with blocks of stripes, but I kinda love how the stripes accentuate the bump.
Dress: Kmart, Sandals: Big W, Earrings: Diva, Watch: Elite, Bracelets: Pandora
Yet front on it also helps disguise it a little. I don’t know about you but I much prefer when my outfit can make me look like my usual self from the front and back and bam, side on, you can’t miss it.
Yup, you definitely can’t miss this baby anymore. For the record I am 28 weeks. Can we all just acknowledge how crazy it is that i only have 3 months left. This has gone by far too fast. I want it to slow down just a little.
Plus it is super stretchy and light. Talk about perfection on these super hot pre-summer days.
In case you were wondering why my smile is so big. My girl was taking the photos for me and my little man was desperately trying to get in on the action.
It didn’t take long before he succeeded. My cute little photo bomber. I can’t wait to have another crazy little man just like him. Talk about one blessed Mama.
PS. please excuse these dark photos an afternoon thunderstorm came by and totally destroyed the light, but I really wanted to share my outfit still!