How Was Your Week…

Let me make you a nice hot mocha and let’s catch up on all the happenings of the last week.
Another week that has flown by. Yet it didn’t if you know what I mean. I am having serious sleep issues right now. Wide awake until 1am or later then struggling to get up and going in the morning. All I can put it down to is nervous excitement. I am counting down these next 14 days until Todd gets home bigtime. I want him to be home already, and I tick each day off on my calendar as it passes. I think I am wanting to get to each next day so much that I work myself up with excitement. Does that make sense? Probably not, but that’s what this sleep deprivation is doing to me.
Whatever the reason, I am so glad that my serious dislike that I had for coffee in the beginning of this pregnancy has passed. Without that morning cup, not sure I would function.
Speaking of coffee, Todd is going to bring me home these lovelies.
You can’t get them here and I am dying to try them. I love getting a peppermint mocha around Christmas  and making it at home is a much cheaper option that the $5+ they charge at coffee shops. And I so want to try some pumpkin spice.
I found a great quote floating around Facebook this week. I totally speaks to my heart and where I am in life right now.
Today is my Father-in-laws birthday so we went to stay with them for the weekend to celebrate. We made him a chocolate mudcake and got him his favourite book. The kids loved spending the day with him. Hope he had a great day too. How could you not when the day started with waffles and coffee.
Even though our beach weekend was spoilt by yucky weather. I still enjoyed it. And the kids enjoyed the extra snuggle time under the blankets and even slept in. That never happens. It rocked.
My sweet boy begged me to buy this cute pumpkin candle from the supermarket. He was so excited about it, I just couldn’t say no. He can’t wait to I ‘turn it on’!
And finally I will leave you with this. My gorgeous Todd (he’s the ghost-buster in the back) all dressed up to go to a Halloween party with some mates. It’s not that big here in Australia, so they are getting into the spirit. Makes me smile seeing him doing and trying new things. And seeing him smile.
Have I mentioned he comes home in 14 sleeps?
Can’t wait.


On June 1st, Todd graduated from his training course after a very long 18 months of crazy hard work. And I couldn’t be more proud. His course is a tough one and he came through it with flying colours. All those late nights and early mornings (I’m talking bed around midnight or 1 am and up at 4am) where you were studying like crazy certainly paid off.
You are amazing and I am so proud of all that you have achieved.
Todd: RAAF service dress! Me: wrap dress – Big W, Slip – Myer, Wedges – Big W, last winter.
Now we are heading to your posting location for the next chapter in this adventure. And I am so glad to be on this journey with you.

Moving Wear…

Life is super glamorous right now. Dust, packing tape, cleaning products. Not the best time for heels and your sunday best. But it is the perfect time for comfort dressing.
 Skinny Jeans: Jay Jay’s, Undershirt: Kmart, Striped Singlet: Big W, Camera Strap: Simply Nothing Else
I love mixing stripes.

I could be surviving this move without endless cups of coffee. I am practically inhaling the stuff.

Just A Walk In The Park…

Well a play really. Turns out packing up and moving house isn’t too exciting for a three year old. Who knew right?!
So the best thing to do is to hit up a local park and let some of that seemingly endless energy escape. The fresh air is always good for clearing the mental clutter of lists and jobs too. So really its win win.
The days have been beautiful here lately, clear blue sky, sunshine, temps around 16 (61f) which is nice and warm for this time of year. But if you are somewhere with so much as a slight breeze, yikes it cuts right through you. You definitely need to be rugged up thats for sure. A jacket/jumper and scarf are always needed.
Mia is great with layers, loving jackets, scarves and all the fun stuff. Ryan not so much. The boy likes to strip off. So to be on a winner I let him pick out a jumper. I made sure it was super thick and cozy but he could choose what he liked. And let me tell you, he loves it. He even asks for it while its in the wash. Too cute.
Ahh that’s my crazy boy.
For those of you in Australia, Big W has a sale on jumpers and tracksuits this week, click here for the info. You could get this jumper for 30% off which makes it under $10. I’m thinking of going and getting another one! I love being able to grab a bargain especially when it comes to kids clothes.

Hi I’m Em, pleased to meet you…

Wow. So many new friends and fans this week both here and on facebook. I can’t even begin to say how thankful I am. Feeling super blessed right now. Thank you!
I figured that with so many new faces around here it might be a perfect opportunity to reintroduce myself. And for my regular readers you never know you may just find out something new!
My name is Em and I am a wife of one and mum of two. My husbands name is Todd and my babies names are Mia and Ryan. This blog here and my Etsy store are my creative outlets. Sometimes working on the two may slip between the cracks of life and they get neglected more than they should. But these outlets are my sanctuary. My happy places. And I love the way they enable me to connect with so many different people from so many different places. It really makes my heart smile.
I am an Australian and we are an Air Force family. We are currently in the process of relocating from Wagga Wagga in central New South Wales to Amberley, near Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland. And when I say in the process I really mean in. As I sit typing this I am surrounded by the chaos of packing boxes, stacks of framed photographs and piles of stuff. And the movers come to pack up everything else on wednesday. Three days from now. Craziness! But it is the best kind of craziness because it means we are moving back to where our family is. And for that we are so thankful.
My favourite colour is pink. Although I have a real thing for red at the moment. My favourite food is ceasar salad, and mexican. Oh my how I love mexican. Lets not forget sushi. It rocks. Lets be honest now, I love most food! My favourite drink is coke, in a glass with tonnes of ice, so good. But I’m not drinking any soft drinks, juices or sugary drinks right now, but boy am I craving it. My favourite thing in the world to wear is my pyjamas, and I always look forward to the end of the day when I can relax in them. Especially on a cold winters night, with a good book and a hot cup of something. Speaking of reading, my favourite books right now are the Hunger Games series. Obsessed! I swore never to get caught up in the hype, but I gave in and I am so glad I did. Twilight is next on my hit list, I have only seen two of the movies but I hear the books are awesome. At least thats what the entire world tells me!
I can’t stand feet. Just the thought of anyone elses feet touching mine freaks me out. Todd and the kids are the only exceptions. I get overwhelmed with fear and anxiety in new and unfamiliar situations. I have a hard time opening up and trusting people. Trust is a gift and I don’t give it easily. I still feel like a teenager sometimes despite the fact that I am almost 29. I’m sure one day I will feel like a grown up! I get scared about putting myself out there and not measuring up. Not sure exactly what I am wanting to measure up to though.
So that’s a little about little ole me.
 Now I want to know about YOU! Leave a comment with a link your blog, facebook page, shop, whatever you like so I can stop by and learn a little more about YOU, and so I can thank you for being an awesome fan of my blog and facebook page. You all rock!
Thanks again for sending so much love my way.

In The Big City…

I love our trips into the Sydney. They are by far my favourite weekends ever. We eat, shop, walk, take in the sights, drink lots of coffee. Its complete perfection.
It wasn’t until we had been walking around Sydney for about 6 hours that I realised I hadn’t taken a single photo with my camera. I blame it on Instagram being so much fun to play with!
 My three favourite people in the world. Can’t get enough of them.
Nothing beats the relationship that these two have. Makes my heart melt.

If only all weekends were this blissful.

It’s Time To Get Cozy…

Here in Australia, we are in the early stages of Autumn and well on our way to Winter. And where we live it has started getting cold. Frosty nights and beautiful crisp days. Back on the Gold Coast the seasons are quite so distinct. In Wagga there is such a stark contrast between the super hot and dry Summers and the freezing cold of Winter. It has been so lovely experiencing the seasons. Our Autumn here actually comes complete with changing and falling leaves. Perfection.
With cooler weather comes the quest to keep nice and cozy in the house. I am not one to want heating on all the time, its so drying not to mention dang expensive. Instead I want to surround myself with things that add that warmth and love.
Here are my fave Etsy finds to add some cozy.
VANILLA HARBOR THROW with Fringe - Soft, fluffy & cozy throw in Creamy Vanilla - Sale - Ready To Ship
WEST BAY THROW - Soft, warm & cozy throw in Red. Perfect gift for wedding, housewarming, anniversary and holidays or for your home
A gorgeous warm throw. You can never have enough of these. This vanilla and this red one. I love them.
Super chunky Squared cushion cover in Burnt Orange
Pillows are so great. These orange ones are awesome. I would love them in a deep deep red. Gorgeous.
Felted Recycled Wool Sweater Pillow - Ivory
I love the look of this pillow. And I love even more that it is a recycled sweater.
I Heart You Yarn Wreath
I just love this wreath. I can picture it on my bookshelves. Just something about it makes me smile.
Ice Cream Pint Cozy - Neopolitan
This is genious really. No more cold hands while eating from the tub! Awesome.
Wool Felted Mittens - Tan With Flecks Of Brown - Womans
These mittens rock. And again they are made from recycled fabric. It is so great.
Mohair Tea Cozy. Hand knitted in 70% mohair yarn with red felted tie fastening
Seriously awesome tea cozy. I really, really want this.
Red napkin rings set of 4 .  Hand knitted in crimson 100% wool  with shell buttons, so soft and sexy
Napkin rings. Loving this idea.
Hand Knit, Cotton Vase Cozy. Petal Vase Cozy in Oat.
How fantastic is this vase cozy. So pretty. I want this in oat and red. Beautiful and adds so much warmth.
Hand Knit Scarf, Striped and Long. Soft Merino Wool, in Navy and Soft White.
This scarf is so great. I am so loving the stripes.
Mason Jar Strand with Light - Full Pint
And I just absolutely adore these lights. Under my patio. With a mug of hot chocolate in my hands, wrapped in a cozy throw. Perfect for frosty Autumn nights.

Our Holidays – Part Three: Christmas

Christmas. This Christmas was so much fun, so many great times and memories. It was even more special after not seeing everyone for so long. There was lots of good food, good times and lots of love. It was wonderful.
Prepare yourselves for photo overload!
I finally got my hands on some Starbucks ornaments. I got a set of four and I am in love with them, yet I only managed a photo of one.
Making chocolate and peanut butter spiders for Santa. I heard a rumour that he loves peanut butter and chocolate as much as Mummy.
Christmas Eve dinner.
Getting ready to open their Christmas Eve presents.
New jammies, ready to impress Santa.
After the kids opened their jammies and put them on, we bundled them into the car and went to see a house not far away that had a Christmas lights display. And it was AMAZING! So beautiful and it got the kids super excited.
Then we headed home to eat caramel popcorn and watch Christmas movies, neither of the kids lasted the length of the movie before they fell asleep.
Christmas morning feast. Yum.
Cousins. So much love.
The decorations at my mums house. It looked beautiful!
The awesome gingerbread tree she made.
We had a long day of eating and relaxing with both lots of family. It was an amazing Christmas day. We finished it off with a walk down to the beach with Mia’s new pram and Ryan’s new scooter.

What better way to end our Christmas day than with this gorgeous sight.

What to catch up on what you have missed? Part one of our holidays is here and part two is here.
I hope that everyone had as amazing a Christmas as we did.

Our Holidays – Part Two

Sorry this has been so long coming. Life has once again take over. It may be long overdue but nevertheless here is part two of our Christmas holidays.
For part one click here.
Bright and early on the monday morning, I’m talking 4 am, we bundled the kids and ourselves into the car and took off from Sydney on the second part of our journey back home to the Gold Coast for our Christmas holidays.
It felt like it took forever to get out of Sydney and onto the highway with a decent speed limit. Once we did, it was winding road between mountains, with no real places to pull over for a while. Of course it was right at that moment that Ryan threw up all over himself, his teddy and my jumper that he was using like a blanket. Talk about awful timing.
We had to drive another 20 minutes of more before we found a rest stop where it was safe to pull over. And as I was getting Ryan out of the car to clean him up, Mia proceeded to throw up as well. It was just getting better and better!
We cleaned them both up and luckily they only got clothes (and poor teddy) which made things a whole lot easier. Then we were back on our way.
The kids were fine and watched a movie and napped. Then about 10 minutes before our first official (scheduled) pit stop, Mia threw up again. At this point I thought for sure I would be next. At least this time we were prepared and not even a change of clothes were needed.
The breakfast stop seemed to do the trick, and the rest of the drive was uneventful. Just lots of music, talking and loads of laughs with my sweet family.
The time seemed to fly by and it didn’t seem to take the 11 hours that it did.
Before we knew it would could see the wonderful coastline peeking at us in the distance.
And look at those lush hills. So beautiful and green. So different to the dryness we left behind in Wagga.
Finally over the hill we came, and we could see Coolangatta on the horizon. And road works. They sure had done a lot since we left.
Ah we were finally back on our home turf.

It felt so good to be home, and to know that we would soon be seeing all of our family. We were finally home for Christmas

Valentine’s Day…

Well Valentine’s Day is next week. And I have just found out that I no longer have to work that night. Yay for me, and yay for Todd too. So now I have thrown myself into planning for the day.
Last year we spent Valentine’s Day apart. We did have a pizza skype date after I had his dinner delivered to him on base. And he had flowers delivered for Mia and for me. But not being able to cuddle up and share the romance of the day was a huge downer.
This year is going to be different. We are going to be in the same state, under the same room. Hoorah!
So while I keep trawling for ideas and finalise the menu, here are 14 (yep, super clever aren’t I!) of my fave Valentine’s ideas.
Love Mantel with Valentine?s Heart Banner
chalkbaord mug 6coverwmsource