Our Holidays – Part Two

Sorry this has been so long coming. Life has once again take over. It may be long overdue but nevertheless here is part two of our Christmas holidays.
For part one click here.
Bright and early on the monday morning, I’m talking 4 am, we bundled the kids and ourselves into the car and took off from Sydney on the second part of our journey back home to the Gold Coast for our Christmas holidays.
It felt like it took forever to get out of Sydney and onto the highway with a decent speed limit. Once we did, it was winding road between mountains, with no real places to pull over for a while. Of course it was right at that moment that Ryan threw up all over himself, his teddy and my jumper that he was using like a blanket. Talk about awful timing.
We had to drive another 20 minutes of more before we found a rest stop where it was safe to pull over. And as I was getting Ryan out of the car to clean him up, Mia proceeded to throw up as well. It was just getting better and better!
We cleaned them both up and luckily they only got clothes (and poor teddy) which made things a whole lot easier. Then we were back on our way.
The kids were fine and watched a movie and napped. Then about 10 minutes before our first official (scheduled) pit stop, Mia threw up again. At this point I thought for sure I would be next. At least this time we were prepared and not even a change of clothes were needed.
The breakfast stop seemed to do the trick, and the rest of the drive was uneventful. Just lots of music, talking and loads of laughs with my sweet family.
The time seemed to fly by and it didn’t seem to take the 11 hours that it did.
Before we knew it would could see the wonderful coastline peeking at us in the distance.
And look at those lush hills. So beautiful and green. So different to the dryness we left behind in Wagga.
Finally over the hill we came, and we could see Coolangatta on the horizon. And road works. They sure had done a lot since we left.
Ah we were finally back on our home turf.

It felt so good to be home, and to know that we would soon be seeing all of our family. We were finally home for Christmas