Our Holidays – Part Three: Christmas

Christmas. This Christmas was so much fun, so many great times and memories. It was even more special after not seeing everyone for so long. There was lots of good food, good times and lots of love. It was wonderful.
Prepare yourselves for photo overload!
I finally got my hands on some Starbucks ornaments. I got a set of four and I am in love with them, yet I only managed a photo of one.
Making chocolate and peanut butter spiders for Santa. I heard a rumour that he loves peanut butter and chocolate as much as Mummy.
Christmas Eve dinner.
Getting ready to open their Christmas Eve presents.
New jammies, ready to impress Santa.
After the kids opened their jammies and put them on, we bundled them into the car and went to see a house not far away that had a Christmas lights display. And it was AMAZING! So beautiful and it got the kids super excited.
Then we headed home to eat caramel popcorn and watch Christmas movies, neither of the kids lasted the length of the movie before they fell asleep.
Christmas morning feast. Yum.
Cousins. So much love.
The decorations at my mums house. It looked beautiful!
The awesome gingerbread tree she made.
We had a long day of eating and relaxing with both lots of family. It was an amazing Christmas day. We finished it off with a walk down to the beach with Mia’s new pram and Ryan’s new scooter.

What better way to end our Christmas day than with this gorgeous sight.

What to catch up on what you have missed? Part one of our holidays is here and part two is here.
I hope that everyone had as amazing a Christmas as we did.