How to Remove Makeup with Water?

how to remove makeup with water

When it comes to the makeup removal, you can simply soak a wash cloth in the water, let it cool off for a few seconds and then place it on your face. Instead of using wipes, you can use the cleanser or just soap and water that must works great for many makeup, but may not do for somewhat like waterproof mascara. Alternatively, one of the best choices for removing makeup is using Micellar water that can be used for a lot to cleanse your skin. After a long night out, you have finally made it back home and then only realize that you have forgotten to stock up on the makeup wipes. However, there are several possible ways to take makeup off without even using makeup wipes. Just read more about these ways, you can simply take a look at one of the favourite alternatives for taking makeup off without even using makeup wipes that include:

Make up wipe alternative- Micellar water

In these days, Micellar water can be widely used for a lot in order to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Moreover, it can also be used as a sink less makeup remover in few cases. While using this water, you can simply saturate a cotton pad and then gently wipe it over your skin in order to eliminate the entire traces of makeup. You can also even take your selection from one out of these three Micellar water choices given below:

Micellar cleansing water complete cleanser waterproof: All skin types

This Micellar water can removes the makeup more effectively, even the water proof mascara in just single easy swipe. After using this water, your skin will be left feeling very tidy, purified and hydrated as well. Also, no severe rubbing needed for makeup removal while using this water.

Micellar water complete cleanser- Normal to oily skin

Possibly, you have already known that in excess of exfoliating and cleansing to eliminate the extra sebum can slip the skin. Particularly, this Micellar water is well formulated for the oily skin to remove dirt, makeup and extra oil very gently and also leave your skin mattified and cleansed as well.

Micellar cleansing water complete cleanser- Normal to dry skin

If you have dry skin normally, the fundamental cleansers can easily stripe your skin causing dryness. This Micellar water is well formulated for dry skin in order to eliminate the makeup completely and also clean your skin with just single step and then leave it feeling soothed and hydrated as well.

Makeup wipes alternative- Using soap and water

Based on the makeup products you use, it might be able to turn to the best soap and water in order to remove your makeup at the end of your night. You should also ensure that whatever the products you are wearing can be easily removed by them. Otherwise, you can easily end up with irritating your skin with a lot of rubbing. You should also remember that the makeup you wear must not need more efforts or arm power to remove it. All you need to have is using the best product that can simply wash off by using soap and water on your upcoming night out.

Does the soap and water work well than makeup wipes?

Actually, everybody knows that the makeup wipes are sounded too better to be honest for makeup removal right. However, these wipes can be an amazing primary step in removing the makeup. In reality, they are good used to remove the makeup just before cleansing, but the correct sink session must preferably follow. Today, many people can do this mistake of simply using the wipes before going to sleep. Still, you have to wash your face after using wipes. However, it is best to use the water to wash your face, which is obviously going to remove the residue all and also prepare your skin for the good night regimen. But if you only use the wipes, then use moisturizer and you may push dust into your skin and at next day you will see blackheads or pimples. You can read more here to use water and remove makeup efficiently and make your face pretty good.

Valentine’s Day…

Well Valentine’s Day is next week. And I have just found out that I no longer have to work that night. Yay for me, and yay for Todd too. So now I have thrown myself into planning for the day.
Last year we spent Valentine’s Day apart. We did have a pizza skype date after I had his dinner delivered to him on base. And he had flowers delivered for Mia and for me. But not being able to cuddle up and share the romance of the day was a huge downer.
This year is going to be different. We are going to be in the same state, under the same room. Hoorah!
So while I keep trawling for ideas and finalise the menu, here are 14 (yep, super clever aren’t I!) of my fave Valentine’s ideas.
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