I am 37 weeks pregnant. which means there is only three weeks till my due date, but boy oh boy am I hoping that he comes sooner.
Lets get real for a minute and talk about the reality of the end of pregnancy. Yes its a wonderful, magical, hopeful and blessed time full of excitement and anticipation. Believe me I feel all that. This is my last pregnancy and I am truly a little sad that I won’t get to experience a baby growing inside me again, because it is amazing and a true blessing.
But, the end of your pregnancy is super tough in so many ways, and I feel like people don’t really talk about it honestly. The truth is you can be blissfully happy nesting away one moment and in sheer agony and full of frustration the very next.
Right now, I am in agony, he is so low and his head is so far down that every single step I take is painful. I have contractions pretty much every day for a few hours at a time, and they are the ones that feel like the real deal labour contractions. You know they start in your lower back and wrap around into your lower belly, groin and hips. You feel them coming on, rising in pain level and then subsiding. This goes on for hours then just stops.
It is just honestly exhausting. If I could guarantee they were doing something, anything to bring me one step closer to holding my little man I could deal. It’s the fact that they probably aren’t that makes the whole thing so much harder. Having what you think could be labour starting just end is down right disheartening and upsetting. You will shed a few tears of frustration. Sometimes more than a few.
And then there is the super glamorous side of things. You look like a beached whale, there is most likely some super swelling of your fingers and ankles. Your legs, feet, hips, pubic bone and lower back ache. A lot. Sometimes baby will push down and you will feel like your pubic bone is going to split in two. There is so much pressure on your bladder that you swear if you jump, walk, cough, sneeze or laugh you are likely to wet yourself. And let’s face it sometimes you do. Especially if you have been around the pregnancy block a few times.
Now that I have probably freaked a tonne of you out, let me just say that it really is that wonderful, magical, amazing time that you hear about. It’s just that growing a human takes its toll on your body and I feel like we need to be honest about it rather than just simply saying ‘I feel great’ whenever someone asks how you are doing.
So if you could all do me a favour and pledge to be honest, especially with other women yet to experience it. Because no one want to go through the yucky parts feeling like they are the only one who it’s like that for.
Believe me you aren’t, ladies I am right there with you.
It is worth it and you will forget about it all once you hold that sweet bundle in your arms. Promise.