This week has been a funny one, my thoughts, feelings and emotions have been a little all over the place. Plus some morning sickness seems to have reared its ugly head again. I mean come on I am basically 35 weeks, give me a break on that one.
Then other days I have been full of energy, cleaning, organising, re-arranging, and making things like crazy until about 2pm when I crash big-time. Then I get a second wind after 8pm. Odd, yes. But I am rolling with it.
I had another Glucose Tolerance Test (for Gestational Diabetes) this week as my result from my last one was high. Lets face it I have it people, why make me suffer through that horrible drink and 3 blood tests again. I was borderline with Mia, and confirmed with Ryan. I just seem to be one of the lucky ones. I am trying not to worry too much about it, just doing the diet control regardless, and of course all I can think about all day is sweet treats. Once this little man is out, I am having a huge cupcake that’s for sure.
I have worked my butt off getting my blogging / sewing / crafting space into order. It was a hot mess under the stairs, and now it’s starting to look really great. I am enjoying sewing and blogging from there. There are a few more goodies to go there yet, but it’s turning into such a creative space. Who would have thought?!
I edited some photo’s that Todd and I took by the beach when we were on Christmas holiday. Some of them turned out so great. The few little tips and tricks I put into practice paid off in the quality of the photos. It has made me even more determined to learn more about how to really use my camera.
I’ve been doing my groceries somewhere different (Aldi instead of Coles) ever since my sister was raving on about how much money you can save. I’ve been resisting forever, cos the layout and non-packing of the bags thing is a little chaotic for my mind. But I’ve gotta say I have been saving a bundle since going there. Coming in under budget each week and coming away with a huge trolley full. Plus they have super cheap flowers. I mean $4 for a little colourful cheer, what could possibly be wrong with that!
Mia heads back to school in just over a week. Into grade 2. My mumma heart hurts when I think about how quickly she is growing up. I still see my little baby when I look at her. We needed to get some supplies for the new year and she is into taking her time and picking out what she likes. With Ryan tagging along that never happens, the boy has zero attention span. So last night the boys stayed home and we hit the shops. First stop was actually spotlight for fabric and crafting supplies, I have been aching to get there for the last couple of weeks but haven’t had the chance. Mia likes coming along and helping me choose things. Then we headed and got a tonne of school supplies. We stopped for coffee and hot chocolate. We picked up goodies for my hospital bag. And even got a cot mattress for baby C. She was so excited to be staying out past her bedtime at the shops. So sweet that something so simple could bring her so much joy.
Today I got a heap done in Baby C’s nursery. I washed all of his things. His cot is all made and ready. I made a change-mat cover with another reading to be sewn. I have planned out his play-mat and the curtains/drapes. Can’t wait to do more sewing and get it all finished. Todd is taking us to go and get the rest of the things we need on Sunday afternoon. I am seriously so excited! It feels great to be getting things ready.
It’s late Friday night here, so this girl is headed to bed. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!