Just A Walk In The Park…

Well a play really. Turns out packing up and moving house isn’t too exciting for a three year old. Who knew right?!
So the best thing to do is to hit up a local park and let some of that seemingly endless energy escape. The fresh air is always good for clearing the mental clutter of lists and jobs too. So really its win win.
The days have been beautiful here lately, clear blue sky, sunshine, temps around 16 (61f) which is nice and warm for this time of year. But if you are somewhere with so much as a slight breeze, yikes it cuts right through you. You definitely need to be rugged up thats for sure. A jacket/jumper and scarf are always needed.
Mia is great with layers, loving jackets, scarves and all the fun stuff. Ryan not so much. The boy likes to strip off. So to be on a winner I let him pick out a jumper. I made sure it was super thick and cozy but he could choose what he liked. And let me tell you, he loves it. He even asks for it while its in the wash. Too cute.
Ahh that’s my crazy boy.
For those of you in Australia, Big W has a sale on jumpers and tracksuits this week, click here for the info. You could get this jumper for 30% off which makes it under $10. I’m thinking of going and getting another one! I love being able to grab a bargain especially when it comes to kids clothes.