It’s Time To Get Cozy…

Here in Australia, we are in the early stages of Autumn and well on our way to Winter. And where we live it has started getting cold. Frosty nights and beautiful crisp days. Back on the Gold Coast the seasons are quite so distinct. In Wagga there is such a stark contrast between the super hot and dry Summers and the freezing cold of Winter. It has been so lovely experiencing the seasons. Our Autumn here actually comes complete with changing and falling leaves. Perfection.
With cooler weather comes the quest to keep nice and cozy in the house. I am not one to want heating on all the time, its so drying not to mention dang expensive. Instead I want to surround myself with things that add that warmth and love.
Here are my fave Etsy finds to add some cozy.
VANILLA HARBOR THROW with Fringe - Soft, fluffy & cozy throw in Creamy Vanilla - Sale - Ready To Ship
WEST BAY THROW - Soft, warm & cozy throw in Red. Perfect gift for wedding, housewarming, anniversary and holidays or for your home
A gorgeous warm throw. You can never have enough of these. This vanilla and this red one. I love them.
Super chunky Squared cushion cover in Burnt Orange
Pillows are so great. These orange ones are awesome. I would love them in a deep deep red. Gorgeous.
Felted Recycled Wool Sweater Pillow - Ivory
I love the look of this pillow. And I love even more that it is a recycled sweater.
I Heart You Yarn Wreath
I just love this wreath. I can picture it on my bookshelves. Just something about it makes me smile.
Ice Cream Pint Cozy - Neopolitan
This is genious really. No more cold hands while eating from the tub! Awesome.
Wool Felted Mittens - Tan With Flecks Of Brown - Womans
These mittens rock. And again they are made from recycled fabric. It is so great.
Mohair Tea Cozy. Hand knitted in 70% mohair yarn with red felted tie fastening
Seriously awesome tea cozy. I really, really want this.
Red napkin rings set of 4 .  Hand knitted in crimson 100% wool  with shell buttons, so soft and sexy
Napkin rings. Loving this idea.
Hand Knit, Cotton Vase Cozy. Petal Vase Cozy in Oat.
How fantastic is this vase cozy. So pretty. I want this in oat and red. Beautiful and adds so much warmth.
Hand Knit Scarf, Striped and Long. Soft Merino Wool, in Navy and Soft White.
This scarf is so great. I am so loving the stripes.
Mason Jar Strand with Light - Full Pint
And I just absolutely adore these lights. Under my patio. With a mug of hot chocolate in my hands, wrapped in a cozy throw. Perfect for frosty Autumn nights.