How Was Your Week…

Let me make you a nice hot mocha and let’s catch up on all the happenings of the last week.
Another week that has flown by. Yet it didn’t if you know what I mean. I am having serious sleep issues right now. Wide awake until 1am or later then struggling to get up and going in the morning. All I can put it down to is nervous excitement. I am counting down these next 14 days until Todd gets home bigtime. I want him to be home already, and I tick each day off on my calendar as it passes. I think I am wanting to get to each next day so much that I work myself up with excitement. Does that make sense? Probably not, but that’s what this sleep deprivation is doing to me.
Whatever the reason, I am so glad that my serious dislike that I had for coffee in the beginning of this pregnancy has passed. Without that morning cup, not sure I would function.
Speaking of coffee, Todd is going to bring me home these lovelies.
You can’t get them here and I am dying to try them. I love getting a peppermint mocha around Christmas  and making it at home is a much cheaper option that the $5+ they charge at coffee shops. And I so want to try some pumpkin spice.
I found a great quote floating around Facebook this week. I totally speaks to my heart and where I am in life right now.
Today is my Father-in-laws birthday so we went to stay with them for the weekend to celebrate. We made him a chocolate mudcake and got him his favourite book. The kids loved spending the day with him. Hope he had a great day too. How could you not when the day started with waffles and coffee.
Even though our beach weekend was spoilt by yucky weather. I still enjoyed it. And the kids enjoyed the extra snuggle time under the blankets and even slept in. That never happens. It rocked.
My sweet boy begged me to buy this cute pumpkin candle from the supermarket. He was so excited about it, I just couldn’t say no. He can’t wait to I ‘turn it on’!
And finally I will leave you with this. My gorgeous Todd (he’s the ghost-buster in the back) all dressed up to go to a Halloween party with some mates. It’s not that big here in Australia, so they are getting into the spirit. Makes me smile seeing him doing and trying new things. And seeing him smile.
Have I mentioned he comes home in 14 sleeps?
Can’t wait.