Acne in our face and body starts in the times of puberty or pregnancy. Acne is caused due to numerous reasons that sometimes visible or not. But it is important to prevent it from growing, especially in the areas around the face. Acne is caused by reasons like eating oily food, anxiety, certain strong medicines, hormonal changes in the body, puberty, pregnancy, and many others. Acne can also occur due to the sebaceous glands producing a high level of oil and enlarging of skin follicles. However, there are several solutions for every problem, and therefore for every issue, a solution is also mentioned in the next half of this article.

The possible factors determining the growth of acne may be any of them:


At the age of twelve to fourteen, girls and boys face many changes in their bodies such as facial hair, mustache, beard, etc. it is due to a natural phenomenon called puberty. Hitting puberty is known to be a very graceful point of time in a child’s life. Acne is one of the common and natural symptoms of hitting puberty.

Hormonal disturbance

It is the period when someone is suffering from fluctuations in various hormones but primarily in estrogen and progesterone in females and testosterone in males. A fixed amount of secretion of these hormones is supposed t be normal, but if it crosses the limit or lacks it, then it might create some serious health issues like nausea, obesity, fatigue. Females with hormonal imbalances might suffer from various diseases such as polycystic ovarian syndrome and many more.


Hypertension is a state of mind where you are psychologically upset and stressed about something. Gaining excessive stress due to family, health, or financial problems might be one of the possible reasons for getting an acne-prone skin.

Gestation period

The period of nine months in humans when a female is about to conceive an offspring is known as the gestation period. It is the most sensitive time in a woman’s life, and she needs to be extra cautious regarding her health. There are some of the solutions available, like using proper skin care products, and the best acne face washes for pregnancy is known to be the one with tea tree or green tea ingredients in it. Along with applying this, call your gynecologist for further treatment.

Strong medicines

Consuming very harsh medications related to any disease is known to be one of the potential reasons why your skin is facing the issue of acne frequently. Acne is the most obvious side effect of some salts present in the medicines. These salts should be avoided, if possible.

Improper food

If you often eat oily and spicy food at regular intervals, then the problem of acne is natural to your skin follicles. Because acne is caused due to the excessive secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands in our skin, and eating more oily food will only worsen the situation and cause more pimples and acne.


Not covering up your face properly with a scarf might be another reason for the growth of acne in unwanted areas of your body. To keep yourself unaffected from this issue, you are suggested to wrap your face and body while stepping outside of the home in an unhealthy environment.

Ultraviolet rays

Harmful radiations of the Sun are yet another possible cause for the issue of facing acne on the face. To prevent this from happening, always use a sunscreen with a minimum Sun Protection Formula (SPF) of 30 when going away during Sun time.

Skin infection

You might be suffering from skin and acne issues due to some bacterial or fungal infection developing in your skin. In that case, it is advised to book an appointment with your dermatologist as early as possible.

How to tackle acne in the gestation period?

In the period of pregnancy, it is always recommended to follow the points as your gynecologist says, as In-taking certain medications might be the reason. But some home remedies for acne during pregnancy is using a face pack made of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, a spoon full of rose water, honey and lemon. Applying this mask once a week is known to suppress your acne-affected skin follicles.

How to take care of your diet during pregnancy?

Try to avoid spicy and oily food in your gestation period, especially during the last four to five months. That time is supposed to be the most sensitive period during pregnancy. You should avoid eating warm or hot food items in the beginning phases of pregnancy as the embryo might get excreted from heat, increasing the possibilities of miscarriage.

How to be unaffected from pollutants and ultraviolet radiation of the Sun?

Keep in mind to cover your face entirely, with the help of a cloth or scarf. A scarf and a sunscreen with good Sun Protection Formula will come to your rescue when you are going outside from your home to an open and unhealthy atmosphere. Try avoiding going to dirty areas to stay unaffected from the problem of acne.

How to stay unaffected from skin infections?

To prevent your skin from certain types of infections, you need to look after your skin properly. It is needed to be deeply cleansed with the possible amount of clean water, scrub, face wash, mask, and many other important skincare products. These products are advised to be free from any harmful chemicals such as sulfates and parabene. These are known to be two of the most responsible toxins for the formation of cancerous cells in the human body. Diseases like skin cancer might be caused due to carelessness of not taking after your skin and body.


Hence, it is highly suggested to eat proper and healthy food at regular intervals. It is also advised to perform a thorough cleaning of your face at least once a week to get rid of dirt particles and pollutants.