Happy Halloween…

Our Halloween was pretty simple.
It started with dress ups at Kindy. Just look at the excitement on Batman’s face.
And the kids came home to a little afternoon tea party.
Fresh fruit to dip in orange goo (vanilla yoghurt with a little food colouring)
cheese, chips and carrot stick
Orange iced donuts with spider lollies on top, and little jack-o-lantern themed jelly cups
yummy fruit punch. melon eyeballs, orange slices, blueberries and round ice for a bit of fun
Super cute accesories. What’s not to love.
Just before we headed out Trick or Treating, super excited. They got a tonne of goodies and had so much fun. A few houses near us went all out and were decorated so well. Something you don’t see a lot here so it was a real treat. And for the houses that had no treats to hand out, Ryan would yell that’s okay, Happy Halloween night to them. Top of his lungs with a huge grin on his face. So precious.
We had so many lollies to hand out, this bucket is actually really deep and we were basically left with a handful. So many sweet happy kids came around. It was wonderful and they were all so polite! My two loved handing out the lollies just as much as collecting their own. It was wonderful!
In the end we put this sign on the door,
and called it a night.
I hope your Halloween was amazing and I can’t wait to see all the post!