Easy PJ Shorts Tutorial…

If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen that I have been sewing some new pj shorts for my kiddos.
Its the perfect quick project and great for those half metre pieces of fabric that you have laying around. If you are anything like me there will be lots!
Plus they make your child this happy! Oh so crazy cute.
First things first, find some cute fabric. Getting your kiddo to choose always helps.
This is how easy it is. Grab a pair of pj shorts that your child already has and fold in half (like below) and use that as a guide for cutting two pieces of fabric. Each piece is actually a large piece that is folded at the long side., so you have a front and back of the leg without the extra work.
You end up with two matching pieces. Fold the pieces so that the wrong side is now facing out.
Here’s a good time to pause for some iced coffee,
And to admire the super cute pumpkin candle smiling at you while you sew.
Sew together the short seam of the folded pieces of fabric. This will be the inner leg seam. To make the seam strong for my wriggly worms, I do a double row of straight stitch then a zig zag row.
Turn under the leg cuff 1/4 inch and press
Then turn under another half inch and press.
Now stitch up the cuff. I like to do two rows of straight stitch for this.
You now have two leg pieces that need to be joined to form shorts. To do this turn one piece right side out and insert into into the other leg piece.
Like so.
Turn the leg pieces so that the V (crotch section) is facing the front and pin the two layers together. Now the time to double check that the two right sides of the fabric are the ones that you have pinned together. Trust me it always pays to double check.
Stitch the pieces together. Again to reinforce I sew two rows of straight stitch and one of zig zag. This is entirely up to you.
Pull out the inner leg so that you can see the short shape. Leave them inside out still and press down a 1/4 inch fold around the waist.
Then turn under a further 3/4 inch, press and pin.
Sew two rows of straight stitch around the waist leaving a 1/2 inch opening to thread the elastic.
Measure the elastic around your childs waist. Pull firmly but not tight and allow an extra two inches for the overlap. Then thread (use a safety pin attached to one end of the elastic to make it easier). Pull through and overlap the ends an inch. then stitch the overlap. Give it a really good going over. Back and forth zig zag quite a few times.
Pull the sewn up elastic into the casing and stitch up the closure. Match the two rows already stitch so it stays nice and neat.
And you are done.
And you have one very happy little pj wearer.