Till my due date. 30 days people. That is not long at all, and while I am now starting to get uncomfortable and will be super relieved once this little guy comes out and joins us, I have loads of things I want to do first!
Mind you since mine tend to go overdue and need a little extra encouragement to leave the comfort of the womb, it may well be longer. I am praying daily that it won’t be. I mean this guy is already engaged and making the day to day activities pretty darn uncomfortable.

30 Days... 30 Days...

Yup, that’s my babies attitudes towards their due date. Ha!
Since I have the memory of a seive at the moment, what better way to keep track of all that I want to get done, than with a list. And because I love you all, I thought it would be a bit of fun to share it with you.
Here we go:
Finish sewing baby C’s playmat. The front panel is all done, just trying to decide whether to do a regular mat or one of the puff variety.
Sew his curtain’s. I have decided I want stripes. Yet I don’t like any of the striped fabric I can find, so I have to make the stripes. My mum and sister spent forever with me the other day measuring it all out, so now I just have to make a trip to the fabric store and grab all the supplies. Thanks guys!
Buy the last minute supplies. Nappy sacks’s, travel pack for wipes, lansinoh cream (a life saver in those early nursing days) and a few more singlets. And I want a cup holder to put on the pram, but I am waiting for that to come on sale.
I need to finish labelling all of Mia’s school supplies. This one is actually top of my list. And I need to let the hem of her school dress down.
Stock the freezer with plenty of school lunch snacks. Muffins, banana bread and cinnamon scrolls are the current requests.
I have to finish painting the letters I got for the babies rooms.
Clean out the car.
I want to pick up some books to read during feeds, I tend to nod off during feeds if my mind isn’t distracted.
Hang our wedding pictures. The frames need to be re-strung, and I am seriously avoiding it. But I sure do miss having our pictures up on the wall.
Put new runners on Mia’s dresser drawers. Those runners are shot, and drive me crazy when I try to put her washing away.
I want one last special date with Mia, Ryan is easy to do because I spend 6 out of 7 days with him and a trip to the park or playing with cars is all it takes. I want it to be something special, just haven’t decided what yet.
I want a date with Todd. Preferably around Valentine’s day. This one is easier said than done though. We may just have to settle for a date at home once the babies have gone to bed. As long as we are together we will make it special and thats just fine with me.
I want my toe nails painted. There is still Christmas polish on those babies and it is just too darn hard to reach them now. A nice foot rub wouldn’t go astray either.
I need to pack my hospital bag, I have most of my things ready. In a pile. On the floor in the corner of my bedroom. Not so convenient if we do end up having to make the dash to the hospital.
Get a blog schedule finalised. So I won’t just be staring at a blank computer screen when the sleep deprivation kicks in.
Swap the carseats around and put the baby seat in. Mia is going into a booster, Ryan into Mia’s old seat and Ryan’s is coming out to make way for the baby seat. I need Todd for this, I tried the other day, but climbing into the back of the car is easier sad than done right now.
Have a day where I completely relax. No worrying about how big this boy is growing. No thinking about whether or not he will turn from being posterier or not. No worrying about the GB. No wondering when he’s going to join us. Or how we are going to juggle it all. No thinking about lists or what I need to get done. Just relaxing and enjoying these last days as a family of four.
There was so much more that I had on my list, which I wrote on paper. But I for the life of me can’t find it!
Now if I can just find the energy to get off my behind and cross a few things off this list. Much easier said than done.